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Treats and Triumphs Dog Training: Providing Dog and Puppy Training for Central Fairfax County Pets and Their Guardians.

Wondering What You Got Yourself Into with Your New Furry Friend? 

Having a canine companion can be exciting and rewarding, but it also comes with its fair share of struggles and responsibilities that can feel overwhelming. You already had a lot on your plate, and here comes your pup with five more plates. But you don’t have to juggle those plates alone!

At Treats and Triumphs Dog Training, we utilize positive and effective training methods that will help you and your dog conquer challenges together. Join us today and embark on a journey towards a well-mannered and confident furry friend.

How We Can Help

Puppy Training

Exhausted from the overwhelming demands of raising a puppy? From sleepless nights to potty accidents we know it’s a lot to take on! Let us help you raise and train a happy puppy through our positive and expert-led puppy training programs.

Dog Training

Are you at a loss as to how to help your dog master the basics? Do you feel like they don’t listen? We know your dog can be the best companion ever, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. We’ll help you both learn to live your best lives together through our training programs!

Puppy Blues Support

Has the weight of puppy parenthood become too heavy to bear alone? Do you often struggle to cope with uncomfortable emotions or worry you made a mistake? Our Puplifted workshop was made for you. Take a night off from puppy chaos, and come learn how to make life with your puppy more liveable.

Training Philosophy

We believe dogs should be rewarded for doing what we ask of them.

Our absolute favorite reward is food, and most dogs seem to agree! But anything your dog LOVES counts as a “treat” in our book. To change an undesirable behavior, we teach the dog, “That behavior doesn’t work anymore. This other one works much better!”

We never use pain, fear, or force in our training. Ever.

We believe in making things clear.

Often, dogs don’t do what we ask because they just don’t understand what we want. And that’s frequently because we don’t even know what we want! At Treats and Triumphs, we want everyone to know what their goal is and how to achieve it.


We believe our two-legged clients deserve the same kindness, patience, and respect we extend to our four-legged ones.

We don’t do blame games or guilt trips, and we won’t call you a bad leader. Who’s got time for that? We’re too busy helping you and your dog succeed!

Are You Ready to Unlock New Achievements in Dog Training?