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Treats and Triumphs Dog Training: Providing Dog and Puppy Training for Central Fairfax County Pets and Their Guardians.

Meet Kathleen

Kathleen is a certified professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA) and Fear Free Certified Professional (FFCP) with her Certification in Training and Counseling (CTC) from the highly esteemed Academy for Dog Trainers. Like all Academy graduates, she adheres to their strict aversive-free code of ethics and commits to providing competent training and transparency regarding her methods. 

Kathleen has over a decade of experience working with dogs: walking dogs professionally, volunteering at her local shelter, monitoring puppy play groups, assistant teaching group classes, and training dogs individually. She loves teaching puppies that the world is safe and generally fantastic, and she loves helping humans deal with the big feelings of Puppy (and Dog) Parenthood. She is patient and cheerful in the face of frustration and always challenges herself to make lessons fun, clear, and engaging.

A lifelong learner, Kathleen takes every opportunity to update her knowledge by attending conferences and workshops, taking new courses, viewing webinars, etc. You are welcome to ask what she’s learned recently – she’d love to talk about it!

Mission Statement

At Treats and Triumphs Dog Training, our mission is to create a safe and fun environment where puppies thrive, dogs build confidence and skills, and humans find relief and compassion. Through positive methods and competent counseling, we aim to empower both dogs and their owners, setting them up to succeed for life.

Why We Use Positive Reinforcement

Scientifically Proven

Positive Reinforcement is effective in promoting long-lasting behavior change

Engaging and Enjoyable

Food, toys, and real-life rewards make learning fun for both dogs and guardians

No Harm, All Gain

Avoiding aversive techniques means no added stress to the training experience and no ugly side-effects


Rewarding dogs for doing things we like makes it easy for them to understand what we want

Trust Building

Positive Reinforcement fosters a strong bond of trust between dogs and their guardians

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