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Treats and Triumphs Dog Training:  Training and Support for Central Fairfax County Puppy Guardians.

Is Puppy Parenthood Harder Than You Expected?

Are you on edge, overburdened, feeling trapped? These feelings are so common, they have a name: the Puppy Blues.

And we have a solution.

The Puplifted Workshop

For Caregivers with the Puppy Blues

Are you feeling weighed down by puppy parenthood?

Our monthly humans-only workshop is designed to lighten your load with practical and emotional support. Leave your puppy at home, and treat yourself to 90 minutes of breathing room!

  Your Educators:

  • Kathleen Alvania
    • Owner of Treats and Triumphs
  • Kiana Cummings
    • MEd, LPC

Every Month Includes:

  • Q&A with certified dog trainer
  • Brief lecture on rotating training topics
  • Group activities & exercises designed to promote sustainable puppy parenthood
  • Presentation on coping skills by licensed therapist
  • Guided meditation

What You'll Learn:

  • Solutions to typical puppy problems
  • Common misconceptions that can lead to increased stress
  • Skills to cope in difficult moments
  • Critical socialization information
  • How to set realistic expectations
  • When & where to reach out for extra help

Get Puplifted!

Would you like a night off from shark teeth, potty breaks, and fluffy mayhem?

When is the workshop?

Puplifted will be held on the 2nd Thursday of each month from 6:30-8pm. The first workshop is scheduled for May 9th, 2024.

Where is the workshop?

Puplifted will take place in an office space near the Braddock Rd exit of 495. You will receive the address when you register.

What does it cost to register?

$35 per participant

Is Puplifted therapy or a support group?

Neither. Puplifted is a professional-led workshop where attendees learn about training and how to cope with puppy parenthood.

Puplifted is not a substitute for therapy. 

Is Puplifted covered by insurance?

No, it is neither covered by health insurance nor pet insurance.  

Are puppies invited?

Puplifted is a puppy-free zone. We want to give participants a break from the nonstop supervision that comes with puppy parenthood. Our location is not appropriate for dogs, so please make other arrangements for your puppy

Can I bring my friend/relative/child?

Anyone who is a primary caregiver for a dog under 1 year of age and is mature enough to engage as a participant is welcome to register. Because we aim to provide a safe place to address difficult feelings, we request that you not bring unregistered guests.

What if my dog is older than 1 yr?

Reach out via our chat bubble or contact form! Although Puplifted currently caters to the challenges faced by caregivers of young dogs, this month’s topic may be just what you need to help with your adult adoptee.

Do I need to use positive reinforcement to attend?

Treats and Triumphs is unabashedly force-free, and the methods we recommend in the workshop will be too. If you are curious or on-the-fence about R+, you are welcome to attend, learn, and get some support. We ask that participants refrain from promoting aversive methods to other attendees.

Get Puplifted!

Would you like a night off from shark teeth, potty breaks, and fluffy mayhem?

Meet Kiana

Kiana S. Cummings (she/her) M.Ed is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Northern Virginia.  She completed her Bachelor of  Science in Psychology in 2017 and her Master of Education in Counseling and Development from George Mason University. She provides a nonjudgemental environment for clients to speak about their feelings. Kiana has taken specialized training in sex therapy, perinatal, trauma, and mood disorders. She specializes in treating sexually diverse adolescents and adults for various mood, trauma, and anxiety disorders in individual and couple therapy. Kiana is a passionate and collaborative therapist who uses empathy and compassion to provide a safe place for clients to share. Kiana utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Emotion-focused therapy/attachment theory, multicultural therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Dialectic Behavior Therapy (DBT) in therapy.

Get Puplifted!

Would you like a night off from shark teeth, potty breaks, and fluffy mayhem?

“Do I Have the Puppy Blues?”

Raising a puppy is TOUGH – no doubt about it. It’s common to feel frustrated by “naughty” behaviors, exhausted from lack of sleep, and overwhelmed by responsibilities.

But sometimes these feelings are too much to bear.

They may interfere with your daily life or your ability to bond with your puppy. They may be accompanied by symptoms of depression and anxiety.

You may have the Puppy Blues if you are:

Persistently Angry or Resentful

It’s normal to feel anger sometimes, but being upset with your puppy most of the day is no fun – for you or your puppy.

Worried You Made a Mistake

You may wish you’d never brought your puppy home, or feel trapped  because your family is so attached. You may feel ashamed for even having these thoughts.

Neglecting Self-Care

When was the last time you had a moment to yourself – with no puppy tugging at your pants or whining in the background? How long did it take you to think of an answer?

Lonely or Isolated

No one to vent to about puppy problems? Feel chained to your home by your puppy’s potty schedule?

Questioning Connection with Puppy

It’s okay if you and your puppy haven’t bonded yet – love can take time to grow. But if a lack of connection is bothering you, we can help.

Considering Return

There is no shame in returning a dog who isn’t appropriate for your home, but the Puppy Blues can make even the “right” puppy feel “wrong.”

Consider attending Puplifted before deciding whether to return your puppy.

If you have the Puppy Blues, we can help. Join us for an evening of understanding, education, and uplifted spirits. 

How to Get Puplifted!

1. Register

Sign up online, and we’ll send you a confirmation email with all the details you need!

2. Learn

Have a puppy-free night out to clear your head and get your questions answered!

3. Revive

Return to your puppy recharged with new training knowledge and coping skills!

Are You Ready to Feel Relief?