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Treats and Triumphs Dog Training:  Training and Support for People with Young Dogs in Central Fairfax County.

Is Your Young Dog a Handful and a Half?

If you have a dog under two years old, you are no stranger to chaos. You may have battle scars on your arms and paw prints on your pants. You may have forgotten what quiet sounds like.

Sounds like you could use a Success Social!

Success Socials

Guidance & Gab for People Living with Young Dogs

Are you about to blow your top?

Success Socials are informal, humans-only gatherings where you can blow off steam and learn to tame the canine chaos in your home. Have a soothing snack while you hang out with people who understand what you’re going through.

  Your Host:

  • Kathleen Alvania
    • Owner of Treats and Triumphs

Monthly In-Person Social:

  • Chat with our multi-certified dog trainer
  • Vent to other puppy-to-teen dog parents
  • Take home helpful handouts relevant to your dog’s life stage
  • Return to life with your pup feeling calmer and more confident!

Free Virtual Follow-Up:

  • Share with the group:
    • What changes you’ve made
    • What’s worked
    • What needs tweaked
    • What new questions and ideas you have

Get Your Gab On!

Would you like to air shared doggy grievances while we sip on smoothies?

When do we meet?

Success Socials are held on the 3nd Thursday of each month from 6:30-7:30pm. The free virtual follow-up takes place on the 1st Saturday of the following month from 4:30-5:30pm.

Where do we meet?

The Thursday evening socials take place at a cafe in Springfield, VA. You will receive the address when you register.

What does it cost to register?

$5 includes attendance at a Thursday social and a virtual follow-up the 1st Saturday of the next month

Can I bring my friend/relative/child?

Because we need to leave space for other cafe patrons, please limit your guests to 1.

During virtual follow-ups, anyone who fits on your screen is welcome.

Are puppies/dogs invited?

The cafe where we meet does not have outdoor seating, so please make other arrangements for your dog.

We always enjoy dog “cameos” during virtual follow-ups.

What if my dog is older than 2 yrs?

2 years of age is a rough cut-off based on the estimated end of adolescence for many dogs. Maybe you live with a “Peter Pan” dog who still acts crazy-pants at 3.5 years old. If you believe you could benefit from attending our socials, you are welcome.

Do I need to use positive reinforcement to attend?

Treats and Triumphs is unabashedly force-free, and the methods our trainer recommends during the social will be too. If you are curious or on-the-fence about R+, you are welcome to attend, learn, and get some support. We ask that participants refrain from promoting aversive methods to other attendees.

Get Your Gab On!

Would you like to air shared doggy grievances while we sip on smoothies?

How to Get Your Gab On!

1. Register

Sign up online, and we’ll send you a confirmation email with all the details you need!


2. Hang Out

Chat, vent, & snack; repeat online!

3. Win

Get back to your your pup with less weight on your shoulders and tips to help you both succeed!

Are You Ready to Feel Calm and Confident?